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A chatbot is an application used on chat servers to run an on-line chat discussion through text or voice-to-voice, instead of giving direct contact to an actual human agent. It has the ability to understand various chat protocols and can respond to queries and requests in the most natural way possible. These are very useful when it comes to engaging in a real-time online discussion, as it can automatically repeat replies and commands. A website chatbot also provides advanced features such as recording chat sessions and forwarding them to other chat members. You can even have this bot send you emails.

However, not all chat Bots are created equally. There are chat Bots that can handle multiple conversations at the same time, and those that only manage one or two conversations at most. For business enterprises, professional chatbots are preferred over their homemade version because they handle more transactions at a time and can help out with efficiency. For personal use, it is better to use a free chat bot.

Web-based chat Bots work in the same way as the software installed on your computer or smartphone. They run on a single server and receive commands from the owner or operators of the chat room. The chat operator will be able to specify various options such as language, region and time while allowing the chat bot to coordinate responses to other users. Advanced chat Bots can be created to run specific functions, such as facilitating a video chat or setting up a network within the chat room.

There are different kinds of chat Bots available on the market. Some web-based chat Bots are capable of handling large volumes of traffic at once, while some are limited to communicating with a single user. While some web based chat Bots can be left unattended to, others require the admin to login and manually begin transferring messages to another user. In the event that an administrator uses the chat bot inappropriately, the chat administrator can be penalized for using the bot without the expressed permission of the user. Since chat bots have increased in popularity, chat sites have also come up with different kinds of chat bot options that they can offer to advertisers.

Language processing is one of the popular options that chat sites offer. Bots can be set to handle multiple languages. This feature helps clients communicate with each other using more than one language, thereby allowing the clients to connect with people who speak a variety of languages. Chat bots are also helpful in preventing spamming, as they filter out messages that are deemed to be offensive or irrelevant.

Socializing and networking is another feature that most chatbot providers offer. These Bots are programmed to automatically join chat groups that are related to the topic or interest of the bot and automatically respond to queries that people may make. Some even let users search for specific people interested in a particular subject.

Other popular options include Yahoo chat, Google chat, AOL chat and MSN chat. All of these bots are designed to be easy to use and customize. There are many websites that let users register their software and make changes to the software. However, some prefer to create their own bots for the specific purposes that they wish. Creating your own chat bot can be extremely beneficial if you know programming or have connections to developers.

A number of website chat bots are available on various websites that allow the bot creator to sell the software and server hosting package for recouping investment. Several chat networks offer an automatic joining process to popularize a website bot. However, to start making money with website chat bots, it is important to purchase the right software and set up an attractive website. Once you have created the bot, you should have no problem earning money.

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