Sea Salt vs Kosher Salt

Different Kinds of Salt

Salt is used in preparing table meals because it improves the taste of a meal. However, no big difference exists between the different types of salt except for the flavor, size, shape and iodine content as none can be said to be more nutritious than the other. It is always recommended to use salt without many additives, and because non-iodized kosher salt it is the most preferred salt. It has generally been misconstrued that the use of salt is the cause of many heart related medical conditions such as hypertension. This raises the question, why buy kosher salt or use any other salt in preparing food? Read More… Read More…

Sea Salt


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why buy kosher salt or use any other salt in preparing food?

The Answer

Good and moderate use of salt helps the body function properly. All salt can be mined or obtained from the sea, but kosher salt differs from other types of because of its large size chunks and irregular shape, even though this does not make it more nutritious than other salts. Kosher salt is used in koshering meat, the process of drawing out blood from meat, thus the name kosher salt. There are a number of benefits that make it important for one to buy kosher salt.


Medical Benefits

The medical benefits associated with it are immense. Sodium serves a very critical function in the human body. It helps in carrying nutrients into the body cells, keeping minerals and calcium soluble in your blood, regulates muscle contractions, and plays a role in nerve stimulation. Sodium helps the digestion as it is required to produce hydrochloric acid in the stomach, a very important component of the digestion process. Kosher salt helps the body regulate the electrolyte balance in and surrounding the body’s cells. It also serves to preserve the body’s blood cells and blood vessels.


While low salt intake has many side-effects such as goiter disease, excessive salt intake has its own consequences as it can lead to muscle spasms, irregular heartbeat, increase risk of heart attack, and even sudden death. This makes it always important to check whether the diet taken has sufficient iodine levels before buying any salt. When you buy kosher salt in iodized state, it can help in reducing cases of goiter, an iodine deficiency dietary condition where the thyroid gland enlarges to try and maintain its optimal function. Salt can simply be iodized by adding any iodine-containing mineral salt, like potassium iodide, to the sodium chloride. Sea salt, kosher salt, and regular table salt can all be purchased in iodized or non-iodized versions. Limiting the daily consumption of sodium is considered part of the solution to high blood pressure patient, making frozen or kosher meat a healthy and more preferable option. Kosher salt is ideal for preserving meat and other foods due to its large surface area, which allows it to absorb more moisture than other salts, hence increasing the shelf life.

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt, like other salts, comes from land salt mines but, unlike table salt, it is less processed and contains fewer additives. Kosher salt has a coarse and flat grain size, which makes it easy to crumble over vegetables or pinch into pasta water. Its crystal size also makes it ideal for curing meat, a step in the koshering process. In the baking process, kosher salt may be successfully used for high-liquid baked goods, like bread doughs, in which it will readily dissolve. Kosher salt is great for seasoning dishes and can be used to add flavor to vegetables when you’re steaming or boiling them, and it is often used for creating a salt crust on a baked fish meal. Kosher salt has very few or no additives at all compared to other salt types. Some common additives in table salt include potassium iodide, sodium iodide, and sodium iodate, among others.

The number of additives in a salt has a significant bearing on some religious faiths, like the Jews, whose faith prohibits the consumption of any blood. This makes kosher salt an important dietary consideration for such believers because it is used in koshering the meat they consume. If any food was to be taken without salt, many foods would be quite tasteless. Taste or flavor is one of the five senses in the human body. Kosher salt, which does not contain other iodine additives, tastes lighter, milder and cleaner than other common salt types especially table salt. It tends to be less salty overall than table salt and is wonderful for bringing out the natural flavor in many foods and dishes as it tastes better. Large, Coarse Grains – Kosher salt has larger and crystals compared to table salt, making it a favorite of many chefs because it is easier to grab, handle and measure using fingers. This gives chefs better control when seasoning food.It is because of its large size chunks, that it dissolves more slowly in fresh meat when compared to other salt types. Its shape allows it to absorb more moisture than other forms of salt, and this makes kosher salt excellent for curing or preserving fresh meat.

Generally, kosher salt reduces the amount of cooking time as its use increases the temperature of the water when boiling foods, such as potatoes, pasta or vegetables. This, in turn, shortens the amount of time that the food requires to be ready, hence saving time In conclusion, because of the benefits that come with using kosher salt, shoppers, chefs, restaurants and food stores should always look out for it. Its taste, purity and natural course will make it stick better on food, thus an ideal choice. Many buyers find it less expensive to buy kosher salt and it is also easy to find kosher salt in many local supermarkets and retail stores. Each brand has a different crystal size, hence measuring the amount of how much salt to use in food will depend on individual taste; but this should be done in consideration of any medical impact as a result of continuous use. Regular use of a particular brand will give a good idea as to how much salt to use on your food.


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