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Hymnal of the Blessed Virgin Mary Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt is the perfect salt for all those yearning for purity and holiness. This salt comes in a fabulous box that is packed with four large, individually wrapped salts, the last being the Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt. It features the holy mother of God on the front cover.

The box itself is beautifully crafted with a fancy gold foil and the box itself is actually made from a unique crystalline salt that has special healing properties. It is actually a unique crystalline salt that has healing properties, which makes it more effective than salt from the sea, the sea salts generally contain sodium chloride, which is not ideal for heartburn.

Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt is perfect for all those searching for salt that helps restore and maintain natural health and well being. The salt is unique in the sense that the Pink Salt is also pink. When the salt is exposed to light the salt turns pink, thus explaining the pink salt being used for cooking.

The crystal salt is a unique liquid gold; the brilliant pink coloration and shape of the crystals present are achieved by exposure to high intensity UV light. In order to achieve this hue, the Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt undergoes a process called reverse electrodialysis. The result is a unique pink color that is not commonly seen.

Pink salt is also found to be more powerful in medicinal properties. The chemical reaction occurs when the pink salt reacts with iron in the stomach. The pinkness of the salt is believed to provide additional benefits to the digestive system.

Pink Himalayan Salt has been designed as a prayer item, it contains little to no additives, and it is 100% kosher. It also has a wonderful presentation, with a small box, each box has four large flakes inside.

Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt is a very high quality kosher salt. The pink coloration is only the second to last step before the final production stage. During this stage of purification the pink color is created in large crystals while it becomes almost transparent to allow the light to pass through.

Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt is one of the best kosher salt choices available today. This pink colored salt is formed from organic materials which includes: Kosur, Shiraz, Caol Ila, Chinese Bitter Tea, Tahitian Lemon and Black Sandalwood.

There are many different pink varieties of Kosher salt; from the traditional pink Himalayan Salt to the new pink pink Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt. Both the pink Himalayan Salt and the Pink Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt are distributed worldwide, the Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt is best bought online or locally. Even the Pink Himalayan Salt cannot be bought locally, because it must be shipped from a company that ships worldwide.

The Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt is also delivered quickly, as it is packaged in a box that is individually wrapped, which is used to prevent the salt from being thrown out of the box due to the amount of packaging that is included in the package. The individual packaging seals the salt in a secure container, making sure that it is protected from air, water and food contaminants.

Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt is an essential ingredient for all kitchens. It contains a wealth of antioxidants and is more effective in nourishing the body and restoring energy levels than other salts. The Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt is a very useful and unique addition to any kitchen or pantry.
Himalayan Pink Kosher Salt is the Perfect Ideal Salt For the Holidays

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