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Sea salt, although widely available and relatively inexpensive, has become one of the most important sources of iodine in the diet. Unfortunately, the liquid that forms the salt you can purchase at your local supermarket or grocery store contains no trace of iodine. It is possible to extract iodine from sea salt by following certain guidelines.

What is iodine? It is a nutrient that is essential for proper thyroid function. In other words, people who are under a physicians care for hypothyroidism have an increased need for iodine. Without iodine, this condition can progress to be life threatening.

So how can you obtain a higher concentration of iodine than what is found in sea salt? The most common way is to use iodine tablets. Although there are iodized table salt products available, the iodine content is much lower. The alternative is to make salt crystals using iodine.

There are two forms of sea salt; crystallized and brine. The crystal form is used in the products that are designed for baking and for cooking. This form of salt, unlike the liquid salt in the grocers aisle, is mostly useless for the purposes of iodine. But it is possible to extract more iodine from the liquid salt than from the crystal form. For this purpose, you will need to look for crystals made from iodized salt or sea salt.

It is important to buy iodized salt, since the iodine content has been reduced to less than one-tenth of the original value. A recent study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration indicated that, while iodine content in sea salt is one of the highest in the world, many stores and some restaurants do not sell iodized salt. Because of this low iodine content, many people are turning to iodized salt because they believe it is healthier for them.

Choosing iodized salt is important if you are looking for best organic sea salt. Even if iodized salt is cheaper, it is not necessarily better. Most people will be able to get a higher concentration of iodine if they are using organic salt, since iodized salt does not contain any iodized mineral.

The best organic sea salt will come from the sea or your own sea salt. The best way to obtain a high concentration of iodine is to grind up sea salt crystals to a fine powder and then dilute it with water. The concentration of iodine will depend on the total weight of the salt you grind up.

If you use iodized salt, it should be diluted before you add the salt to the water. You can try diluting the salt with very hot water. When you remove the salt from the water, you should stir it well to ensure that all of the iodine is removed.

For best results, take a look at the labels of the sea salt you purchase. You may see the term iodized or the term artisan or other terms indicating that the salt is produced under certain strict regulations. If you see the word organic, you know that the salt you bought has been processed under more stringent standards.

Once you determine which brand of sea salt is best for you, you will need to follow a few guidelines in order to maximize the concentration of iodine that you receive. You should not choose a sea salt that is marked low iodinehigh iodine. The reason is that there is no standard concentration that all sea salts are measured by.

When choosing sea salt, you should follow the instructions on the label, not the requirements of the manufacturer. Using sea salt that is not iodized is no better than using ordinary table salt, which contains high amounts of iodine. You can even lose weight with sea salt, so keep that in mind when you are buying.

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